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By | July 17, 2021

Recycling Your Electronics and Plastics

Technology recycling refers to the process of using new technology to repair or enhance an existing product. It also refers to the process of reusing technology. For instance, computers and printers can be recycled. There are many other items that can be recycled. Recycling is becoming more important in today’s environmentally aware society. It can help reduce a company’s carbon footprint as well as its expenses related to disposing of electronic and technology devices.


Because of the severe environmental ramifications of improperly discarded computer hardware, overweighting penalties and fines are put upon these businesses found guilty of failing to practice proper computer electronic recycling. So, it’s imperative that you work closely with the right of Waste Recycling and Technology Service Provider to properly recycle technology and dispose of your company’s excess electronic items so you can effectively and safely, minimize your company’s eco impact. One out of every three electronic devices is discarded by consumers in their home or office without being properly recycled. In other words, one out of every three electronic devices that are disposed of is still being sent to the smelters, landfills, and incinerators.


If the technology recycling programs run at your business are not compliant with all of the necessary guidelines, there could be fines or charges. Not only could you face fines and charges, but you could be liable for damage done to public or private property, or even your employees or customers. Your company may be held liable for injuries or damages that happen as a result of your failure to properly implement and enforce technology recycling rules and regulations. This is why it’s essential that every business that has a public or private property undertake such a program.


In compliance with all of the requisite technology recycling requirements and guidelines, how does your business conduct its electronics and/or technology recycling program? There are a number of different ways in which your business can recycle electronics and/or technology. Recycling is undertaken through several avenues: disposing of computers and other electronic devices at your place of business, giving away surplus electronics, donating them to charitable organizations or local schools, or placing them in an electronic recycler’s service. You might also dispose of surplus electronic devices at an accredited landfill site. However, what would be the most environmentally sound option for disposing of your electronic devices?


The most environmentally sound option for disposing of electronic devices and other electronics and/or technology waste is through electronic waste Recycling (ETR). Through electronic waste recycling, your business will not only be addressing a growing problem, but will also be taking proactive steps to protect the environment from the threats of electronic waste disposal. Through EPA’s electronics waste e diversion programs, you will be working diligently to ensure that you and your company’s solid waste, and waste from other businesses, are properly and adequately recycled properly. Through EPA’s ETR programs, you can take part in helping the nation’s recycling efforts while experiencing the economic rewards associated with recycling your electronic waste.


Many businesses look to sell their non-reusable electronic equipment, but do not realize that some electronic devices can be recycled as a source of valuable raw materials. For example, many people are unaware that batteries can be recycled, and that the material from batteries can be used to create high-grade wearable technology items. This recyclable technology is called e-glass. As you may have guessed, when it comes to wearable technology items, e-glass is pretty valuable stuff! Glass can be used to create:


Glass can be used to make many things, but the most desirable and useful form of glass is jewelry. It can be used in creating: watches, sunglasses, cell phone covers, key chains, and more. If you’re looking for the best buy on a technology item, don’t overlook e-glass. You’ll find that it’s a great investment when it comes to e-glass recycling programs, because the material will last longer than traditional glass and is far more durable. Many consumers prefer to purchase technology products that will last a long time, and e-glass makes just that.


One other important resource for technology is plastics waste stream. Most people don’t realize that plastics can be recycled. Some forms of plastics are recyclable, and all plastics, aside from PVC, can be recycled. Your best bet for recycling plastics is called Poly reprocessing, or PET. When you recycle plastic, you also help the environment by significantly reducing your total waste stream.

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