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By | July 17, 2021

Celebrities Support Latest Tech Products

Science fiction and technology movies go hand in hand. The only problem is that often movies try to one-up each other by creating incredibly complex stories about technology, weapons, and futuristic settings. But while this is all very interesting, it can get a little bit confusing, especially when it comes to the details. That’s why I compiled a list of some of the more popular science fiction movies with interesting technology.


I, Robot is perhaps the best technology movie about how robots going against humans (and the rivalry is good here too). It shows how a group of robots (led by a rich man with a giant robot) are trying to take over the world. The robots break the most basic rule of human society, never hurting humans (well, they don’t quite try…most of the time). The film is full of fascinating detail – from the AI that drives these robots, to the way the human race thinks, is completely out of control. The documentary also deals with a number of other interesting topics as well, including artificial intelligence, the future of technology, and what will happen when humans have machines that can do every single task they can do, and one way to avoid this is by using the cloud for computing. It’s an entertaining, interesting film that would make you wish you knew more about artificial intelligent software.


Exogenesis is probably the best technology movie to come around in a long while. It is based on the original ‘Terminator’ movie where the Skynet was trying to protect humanity and prevent nuclear war by manufacturing super-solders that were born with artificial intelligence and sent into battle. The humans who tried to stop the Skynet were slaughtered, but that’s not the point – instead, it’s the interesting potential that these technologically advanced beings could have.


Star Trek: The Original Series is without a doubt the most well-known of all technology movies. Captured on camera by William Shatner as the cynical Captain Kirk, the show takes place in space and it is very easy to relate to because it takes place in the future. The show featured a good deal of sci-fi concepts that we’ve never seen before and as a result has become very popular with science fiction fans. The main storyline involves the exploration of space and the crew of Enterprise encounters many incredible things including planetoids with life. If you haven’t watched the series, you owe it to yourself to find out what all of the fuss is about.


It is difficult to talk about technology without discussing one of its main subjects: smartphones. While the iPhone was originally released to the public as a device for hunters and journalists, it quickly became very popular among everyone in common. The gadget, which is currently being manufactured by the company Apple, is a wonder for allowing users to access their personal blogs, news feeds, text messages, email and even make calls while wearing a completely transparent phone cover. The social media sites Twitter and Facebook were not around at the time of the original release and when they did arrive, the buzz was immediate. The iPhone and its companion devices are now used everywhere by millions of people and have provided us with some incredible technology that makes our lives easier.


No discussion of technology would be complete without bringing up the rather infamous Silicon Valley. With its premier episode in the 2021 summer, the drama that unfolded between two unlikely friends will captivate you for generations. The film focuses on two brilliant entrepreneurs who become rivals because of their obsession with technology and their desire to control it. The main character, a young man working at a very prestigious company (Darryl), becomes obsessed with finding a way to take over the Valley and creating his own unique brand of technology. There are a number of fascinating subplots within the show including the long and interesting romance between hacker-for-hire Ericksonian and the cute and geeky femme fatale,ela.


Another great technology movie is the Oscar nominated blockbuster, The Social Network. The movie revolves around the privacy invasion and fights between two privacy enthusiasts, a married couple working at the head of an internet firm. The movie takes a dark turn when the husband finds out that his wife has an online affair with another man. He goes to confront her, but she had already left the house. What is even more shocking is that she leaves behind a USB key with all her e-mails and passwords on it which have allowed her lover access to all of her accounts.


Ehrlich said technology is not the enemy and that the movie portrays the lengths people will go to protect their privacy. In reality, of course, it is always nice to see celebrities supporting the latest technology like the iPhone and iPad. Still, it is interesting to see what lengths people will go to protect their information and they do sometimes have a difficult time doing so. It is interesting to see the lengths that people will go to in order to ensure that their information is protected and that they can continue to use a product they like and one that they think is cool.

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