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Celebrities Support Latest Tech Products Science fiction and technology movies go hand in hand. The only problem is that often movies try to one-up each other by creating incredibly complex stories about technology, weapons, and futuristic settings. But while this is all very interesting, it can get a little bit confusing, especially when it comes… Read More »

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The GAP analysis Technology Gap Theory is a proposed model developed by M.V. posner in 1961, that describes an edge enjoyed by the nation that introducing new products into a market without having to compensate the original innovator. Because the government usually foots the bill for the research and development of new technology, the company… Read More »

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How to Make Your Children Learn With Technology Worksheets Technology worksheets for education can help children figure out which technology is old and which is new. The technology worksheets will show what machines do now, and what they can do in the future. This is part of teaching technology; you don’t need to invent all… Read More »

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Pedagogical Technologies: The Integral Foundation of the Teaching Theory In the 21st century, technology is one of the cornerstones of our contemporary society. Without the development and application of newer technologies, the entire world would be suffering a lot from the deprivation it brings to economies as well as the overall well-being of its people.… Read More »

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Examples of Recent Trends in Technology There are many types of technology in the marketplace, so a business can quickly learn about them by looking at the many different examples of disruptive technology. This kind of technology can come about as the result of a human innovation or invention, a natural occurrence, or a computer… Read More »

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A Review of Emerging Technologies How has technology affected and continues to impact our world? Has technology created more or less wealth for some and less for others? The answer may surprise you. Most general histories of technology tend to focus on a single overarching principle: Western technological achievement was bound to spread its influence,… Read More »